510 cart review by Review CBD

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510 cart review by Review CBD



1:1 UNCUT CBD mix (50% CBD Sugar Concentrate & 50% Distillate)



Smell when vaping is very subtle, super subtle musty gas. Very house friendly, nobody will be knocking or asking what your smoking on. (Perfect for work😋)



Very impressed with quality of taste. The Taste leans to a lush profile almost. Has the sour notes with a earthy mercene. There’s a very subtle fruit working with the sourness: almost grape. After taste is very clean with a gassy kick left on the pallet.


The cart is ultra smoothe!! Carts can be heavy on the chest allowing only a few pulls then a short rest. But THIS CART IS PROBABLY THE SMOOTHEST IVE EVER USED



First time using had a few pulls, waited 15 mins and just felt like watching a film or lying on the sofa ☺️.


All around good effects, day or night. At night using it to unwind before bed, 3-4 big pulls gets me super relaxed Tip Top quality 💯👌✔️✔️



Fantastic! Carts for me are part of my day. This particular mix is one of the best CBD carts I’ve tried hands down. It’s so smooth for a cart, I’ve been taking deep pulls blowing clouds, even my partner was impressed and she’s not a fan of vapes at all. The taste has such A GENUINE CANNA TASTE. Hats off to @pengking_cbd, appreciate the quality and transparency 💯



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