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CBD Shatter pods - reveiw_cbd

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CBD Shatter pods - reveiw_cbd

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This is Pengkings pod kit, very smart minimalist design which comes with charger, battery, pod and smart funky packaging.



Minimal aroma when vaping, a subtle sweet diesel gas almost, super impressive as its a tru canna aroma. This is perfect for incognito situations 😎



In short; fantastic! Sweet, gassy, hints of diesel fuel leaving a sweet vanilla texture on pallet, i was genuinely surprised with the depth of flavour. Being a shatter cart i was expecting something different to the usual distillate carts and it definitely delivered. The taste is like toking on a spliff, i would even say it has more flavour than than using my dynavap. I can with ease say this is legit canna tasting cart (pod). I would even say its better than most THC carts I’ve had for flavour. Pengking have done magic here 🪄



Blown away by quality of effects, this cart hits differently 😁 what i mean by this is; i got cerebral effects, quite heady and a good body relaxation. Within 5mins the effects were recognisable. On nights where i usually use thc, some nights after work iv just tugged on this. ✔️✔️✔️✔️


This is what canna is about, CBD has many gimmick products, i try to pull up the most premium so I’m not wasting people money & time. If you vape CBD carts, this is a go, there’s no way this cart will not be praised for its over all quality and if your looking to try a vape, real talk this batch is certified ✔️ the whole system with pod is definitely worth looking at too if you don’t already have a 510 battery, i would personally use pods over 510 carts all day, the overall smoothness, taste and experience is what we want 🌿

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